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My Clients Get Results

  • Decreased Stress from a Level 10 to a Level 2
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Increased Positivity
  • Increased Happiness
  • Better Attitude
  • Told by her doctor that she had cancer to no longer having cancer
  • In her own words, "She's a whole new person."

*These results were produced in only 3 weeks and from only two exercises in my 9 Week Program.

Melanie Chandler

"Before I worked with Shay, I really had a hard time being confident in myself and my services. He's very knowledgable and gifted at 'pulling out your own magic.' He really confronts the challenging questions and the things that may be intimidating to handle yourself. He's really amazing at bringing all of those things to the forefront of your mind enabling you to overcome them. I have become a better leader by working with him. He will absolutely help you reach your goals!"

Caitlin Thiede

Founder, Story Speak Enterprises

"Shay's a great coach. He's a caring person. He's also so practical. He looks for the real problems and gets to your pain points by asking the difficult questions enabling you to find your real solutions. He also is great at pulling out your talents, gifts, and greatness."

Ben Laing

Owner, Online Marketing Consultant

"Shay's the truth. He got me to realize my full potential. His services are amazing. His energy cannot be matched."


Owner, Life of BKnott

"Shay has very deep knowledge and wisdom. He doesn't shy away from the tough topics or sugarcoat anything with you. He is really transformational and will get you to your next level in life. He really empowers you to become the 2.0 Version of yourself."

Daryl Omar


(Melanie is a resident in our rental community.) "Shay has worked with us tremendously on everything. If it wasn't for him and the community here, then I do not know where we would be. He's done us wonders."

Melanie Chandler